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Ramnit Trojan Resurgence Now Complete as v2 Targets UK Banks

Ramnit’s revival is now complete as security researchers are starting to see more coordinated attacks spreading the banking trojan’s latest version, with the vast majority of targets being banks from the UK. Ramnit appeared in 2010, but in the beginning … Continue reading

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Gozi Banking Trojan Campaigns Target Global Brands

Gozi, one of the oldest banking Trojans out there, is using highly elaborated webinjects along with behavioral biometrics for fraud protection bypass in new campaigns targeting global brands, buguroo researchers warn. Discovered in 2007, Gozi has had its source code … Continue reading

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Hacker wins $5,000 for Chrome, Firefox address bar spoofing flaw

The “omnibox” vulnerability makes it easier to phish or steal user’s data. ¬† A vulnerability in how Chrome and Firefox render website addresses could allow an attacker to trick a user into visiting a spoof website that appears to be … Continue reading

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1.4 Billion Android Devices Affected by Linux TCP Flaw

The security bug discovered in the Linux kernel’s implementation of the TCP protocol also affects a large portion of the Android ecosystem, mobile security vendor Lookout¬†reports. According to researchers, CVE-2016-5696, the Linux TCP bug, affects around 80 percent of all … Continue reading

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Shade Ransomware Adds RAT Features to Spy on High-Value Victims

Crooks use RAT to assess the financial status of infected victims and decide on how much money to ask for. The crooks behind the most recent versions of Shade have added an interesting new tidbit to their malware, installing a … Continue reading

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Australia Online Census Shutdown After Cyber Attacks

Australia was forced to reassure its citizens that their personal data was secure Wednesday, after malicious attacks by overseas hackers prompted an embarrassing shutdown of the online census. Australians are required to complete the census every five years or face … Continue reading

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Researchers hack into software with malware threat

New York: A team of researchers has hacked the working of software with the potential risk of malware — disguised as lucrative advertisements — opening computers and other devices to hijacking. A team of researchers from Google and the New … Continue reading

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