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Shopify Refuses to Fix RFD Vulnerability

Portuguese Web security researcher David Sopas has uncovered an RFD (Reflected File Download) vulnerability on Shopify’s platform, which, according to his vulnerability disclosure, the company refused to patched. An RFD (Reflected File Download) attack relies on hackers crafting URLs which … Continue reading

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Thousands of ‘directly hackable’ hospital devices exposed online

Hackers make 55,416 logins to MRIs, defibrillator honeypots. Thousands of critical medical systems – including Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines and nuclear medicine devices – that are vulnerable to attack have been found exposed online. Security researchers Scott Erven and Mark … Continue reading

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Leaked Hacking Team emails show Saudi Arabia wanted to buy the company

Emails stolen in the Hacking Team breach and leaked online by the still unknown attackers continue to be analyzed, and offer insight into the inner workings and controversial relationships the infamous Italian spyware maker engaged in. Among the most recent … Continue reading

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​North America’s IPv4 address supply runs dry

The long-predicted exhaustion of IPv4 addresses has now taken place in North America, with the region’s authority left with no further supply of the 32-bit labels to issue. For the first time, the body responsible for allocating IP addresses in … Continue reading

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Browser Vendors Implemented Cookies the Wrong Way, Exposed Users to MitM Attacks

CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) revealed that all browser makers have misinterpreted and improperly implemented the RFC 6265 standard responsible for detailing how HTTP State Management should work. If we already bored you by going too technical all of a … Continue reading

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Hacker exploited Imgur flaw to secretly load over 450 background images and attack 8chan

An attacker could have pulled off massive pwnage by abusing a bug on Imgur, which is often featured on Reddit’s “front page” of the Internet; instead the hacker targeted 8chan; 4chan and 8chan experienced some downtime. Imgur quickly issued a … Continue reading

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Does China’s government hack US companies to steal secrets?

On Monday this week, a US national security adviser warned China that the hacking must stop and said it put an “enormous strain” on the relationship between the two nations. How has China responded to the accusations? It has denied … Continue reading

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