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Around 9 in 10 Brits Don’t Secure Devices when Connecting to WiFi Abroad

Intel Security encourages those travelling abroad to think ‘Slip-Slap-Slop-Secure’ to stay safe this summer. Nearly half (47%) do not know how to protect their devices when connecting to an open Wi-Fi network when abroad Over a third (38%) of respondents … Continue reading

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Top British Hacker For ISIS Junaid Hussain Killed in US Drone Strike

A British computer hacker, an ex-TeaMp0isoN member and a member of the so-called Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS/ISIL) believed to be killed in a recent drone air strike by the United States in Syria. The hacker was a British-bornJunaid Hussain and had been accused … Continue reading

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Yet another Android Trojan spies on Chinese users

Recently, Doctor Web security researchers have detected and examined a new Android Trojan named Android.Backdoor.260.origin. This malicious program is distributed among Chinese users and is intended to spy on its victims. In particular, the Trojan can intercept SMS messages, record … Continue reading

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Researchers Uncover New Italian RAT uWarrior

Details have come to light about a new remote access Trojan called uWarrior that arrives embedded in a rigged .RTF document. Researchers with Palo Alto Networks’ research division, Unit 42, described the malware and how it appears to have emanated from an … Continue reading

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High-heeled hacker builds pen-test kit into her skyscraper shoes

Mildly NSFW A Chinese hardware hacker has hidden a penetration-testing toolkit into her high-heeled shoes. The Wi-Fi-popping platforms were forged in a 3D printer, and contain compartments to smuggle hacking hardware past strict security checks in data centres and the … Continue reading

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Diferencia entre La validación de dominio vs validación extendida

CA es una autoridad de certificación como DigiCert, Comodo, Symantec, GoDaddy, GlobalSign, etc. Sus certificados ya vienen equipados con el sistema operativo y el navegador (consulte / etc/ssl/certs Si estás en Linux). Los mecanismos de revocación se llaman CRL y … Continue reading

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Ashley Madison Hackers: We Still Have 300GB of Data

In an interview with Motherboard, The Impact Team, the hacking group that broke into the Ashley Madison dating site has revealed it still has 300GB of data that it still hasn’t released. When the Ashley Madison hack happened in July, … Continue reading

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