Hijack WhatsApp account with a simple trick

Facebook’s acquired messaging passing service WhatsApp, reportedly been discovered to be prone to hijacking, when the hacker gets the phone number of his target person along with the access to a backdoor  to the mobile.

Hijacking a account in Whatsapp is done with an easy trick that works independently in Android, Windows and iOS and after that enables the offender to have a control over WhatsApp account of the target person in the quick time.

Hijack WhatsApp account with a simple trick

Hijack WhatsApp account with a simple trick

  • First try to set up a WhatsApp account on a new mobile using the phone number of your target.
  • After this WhatsApp will call the target user’s phone number and will give its PIN code for the authentication of the account.
  • If at all the hacker has access to the phone, then he can just take the phone call and grab the PIN code without any effort.
  • Even though, if you don’t have access to the phone, you can also lift the call on your target users phone. You can lift the call even the user has a screen lock option to his device.
  • So the trick cracks the security password mechanism which is generally required to get access to any phone features.
  •  iPhones that are configured with Siri authentication for the lock screen are much more risky to external data thefts, as all the contact details are available to access from the settings of Siri.
  • If anyone try to steal the account information of WhatsApp even though he don’t have the phone number of target user, he can just call their own number from the target’s monbile through Siri.



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