Software Testing Company in Mexico

The software testing is a set of software tools, techniques and methodology that a organization utilizes to make a bug free software for the end customer. The techniques to find problems in a program are widely varied and range from the use of ingenuity by staff to make test tools to automate the burden and cost of time of testing activity. But nothing would make relevant, if a program lacks documentation, the code is unclear, or have not been followed steps for planning and development of the software, as would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s why in this monograph we dump to determine not only the tools, techniques and methodology but also to all previous work control quality in software development, because we know that much better to find and fix a problem is prevent not happen.

What is software quality assurance?

Quality control ranges from software development monitoring processes enforcing the standards and procedures agreed upon making sure a good monitoring program and the detection and correction of errors. Quality control software is aimed at prevention.

What is software testing?

The test involves software system operations under conditions controlled and evaluating the results. Controlled conditions can be normal or abnormal. You can intentionally enforce the program and errors in the responses to determine whether events should occur when occur or when events do not happen when they should happen. The test software is detected at the detection.

Most large organizations assume responsibility for the QA and software testing such as in production include systems developers (analysts, programmers) and a group dedicated to software test for these groups above work together to fulfill the quality control (prevention) and the test software (detection) achieving a successful task.

Why it is so hard for the development of systems seriously included quality control and good failsafe?

Solve problems when they arise is a process easily determined, but prevent problems is a very thorough and very difficult task of determine. In ancient China there was a family of healers, one of the members of this family being well known and was hired by one of the great lords of the territory as his personal physician. One night over dinner the Lord asks which of your other family doctor was as powerful as then the doctor commented; I treat people with great evils, almost dying to get my certain faith and sometimes achieve cure, and my name is recognized in most of the territory. My elder brother cures diseases when just beginning to take root in the body and his name is known in the neighborhood, my younger brother cure diseases before they appear and is only known by the family and his name has not left the house. That is, fix or correct a problem or bug after exiting light is relatively simple task, since the focus of the problem is known, the drawback was correct an error that is not visible or has not happened yet.

Software Testing Company in Mexico

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