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Software testing are the empirical and technical research aimed at providing objective and independent information about the quality of product. The tests are basically a set of activities within the software development life cycle. They can be implemented in any stage of development, depending on the type of business needs. However, the detection of errors in early stages reduces the “rework”, so they have a less costly for the developer if these errors are detected at an advanced stage of the project or when put into production solution. Also leads to an improvement of image developer, since failures are reduced and the product quality is improved. The software testing stage in the software development process is to ensure that the software meets the specifications required and to remove any defects it may have. For example, we use user stories in Scrum methodology with which it is relatively easy to design a test plan, test security, etc.. We also have a team of professional consultancy and technical expertise in engineering testing services, which among other functions performed: – Functional Testing, Security testing and Performance. Webimprints as a Software Testing company in Mexico provides:

– Monitoring systems.

– Integration with other systems.

– Maintenance of applications.

– Metrics to measure service quality.

– Test Automation.

– Development of test plans, test cases.

The most common tests are the so-called white-box and black box. It is called white boxes to a type of software testing that is performed on the internal functions of a module. The white box techniques on the other hand provides:

Software Testing Company

Path coverage, evidence to suggest that all possible paths execution. On-arithmetic tests. Textual datapath logic, definition-use variables. testing loops, loops be flown expressions are verified for 0.1 and interactions, then for maximum interactions, and more. At least one object-oriented systems, white-box testing can be applied to the methods of the class, but according to several reviews, that effort should be devoted to other more specialized tests (an argument could be that the methods of a class tend to be less complex than a function of structured programming).

White box tests are performed first, on a particular module, and then perform the black box on several subsystems (integration).

In black box testing, the elements are examined from the viewpoint of the inputs it receives and produces outputs or responses, ie, the functional requirements exercised from outside the module. In conclusion, with these tests it is possible more accurately measure the performance of the developed application and go troubleshooting errors that may appear before proceeding with the development process. Posted by webimprints


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Webimprints is the leading company which provides global information security services to the client around the World.
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