Infrastructure Security in Mexico, Penetration Testing company in Mexico

Infrastructure Security is the area of security that focuses on the protection of computer infrastructure and everything about this (including information) . For this there are a number of standards, protocols, methods, rules, tools and laws designed to minimize potential risks to infrastructure or information. Infrastructure Security includes software, databases, metadata, files and everything that the organization values ​​(active) and constitute a risk if it comes at the hands of others. This type of information is known as privileged or confidential information.

Penetration Testing company in Mexico

The concept of Infrastructure Security should not be confused with computer security , since the latter only in charge of security in the computer environment , but information can be found in different ways or means , and not only in information technology. Infrastructure Security is the discipline that deals with design standards, procedures, methods and techniques designed to achieve a secure and reliable infrastructure and information. Webimprints provides Infrastructure Security in Mexico service to secure organization infrastructure from illegal access.

Penetration Testing is a method of evaluating the security posture of a network or a server, and is to conduct penetration testing, where the analyst seeks to gain access to the system, escalate privileges, real income to test the system, and then erase traces of intrusion. The tests are performed internally and externally, with the primary criterion would Analyst Professional ethics and providing assurance to our customers, absolute discretion and confidentiality in the handling of information that contains security vulnerabilities identified.

Tests conducted with techniques Black Box are made under the premise of no prior knowledge of the platform to evaluate, and ‘attack’ is preceded by an analysis of the extent and design of the platform, this provides an accurate simulation of the most common types of attack. Tests with White Box techniques are performed with full knowledge of the platform in question, and provides a systematic review of the existing security architecture. Tests conducted with techniques Grey Box are any of several intermediate variants between the two.

Penetration Testing company in Mexico is a service that Webimprints recommends all customers to keep their information secure from external & internal threats. The effectiveness of the security architecture of your network or application can never be truly known unless it is subjected to a simulated attack. Penetration testing is the best option to show weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a safe manner. For more information about Information security services, Please visit Click here


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