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In 21st century Cyber Security attacks are the utmost fear to international peace & security. It is very vital to securing cyberspace. In an ideal human world, countries would work together to eradicate the cyber threat. Unfortunately, especially in its social and political and moral aspects our world is no ideal, nor it become one. Cooperation globally may be a reality one day, but unless something changes to force states into changing their behavior, there is no momentum for them to do so. The only way to achieve peace & security in reality is to learn & use active defenses against cyber attacks originating. This will not only allow victim-states to protect themselves from cyber attacks, but it should also put off violence and push countries into taking their international role & duty seriously. After all, no country wants another country using force to protect their borders, even electronically.

International Institute Of Cyber SecurityThe possibility that cyber security attacks will be met with a forceful response is the hammer that can drive some sense. Since countries avoid using active defenses, any decision to use them will be a controversial change to normal practice. Like any other proposal that changes the way countries do business, it is bound to be met with condemnation. Get best training about Information Security Course Mexico with Iicybersecurity.com .However, there is strong legal authority to use active resistance against countries that violate their duty to prevent cyber security attacks. Countries that violate this duty and refuse to revolutionize their practices should be held responsible for all attacks originating from within their borders in accordance with the law of war. At a time when cyber security attacks threaten global security and countries are struggling to find ways to improve their cyber security defenses, there is no reason to guard countries from the lawful use of active defenses by victim-states, and every reason to enhance state defenses to cyber attacks by using them.

Understanding the graffiti left behind on the defaced websites, the most active hackers are Moroccan, Algerian, Saudi Arabian, Turkish, and Palestinian, they may be physically located in other countries. An information security company claims that many hackers are politically driven. Countries recognize that if they cannot control their physical perimeters, they cannot hope to achieve effective information security.

International institute of cyber security want countries to join hands in helping future generations to learn and understand cyber security practices to fight against cyber security attacks. Iicybersecurity.com is helping information security passionate people in contributing to bring international peace & security by training people to the level above.


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